PoINT Storage Manager - Enterprise Edition is an intelligent, technology- and manufactur erindependent software solution for data and storage management. According to user specific policies data is offloaded from primary storage and archived in an automated manner to suitable secondary storage systems as part of a multi-tiered storage architecture. The concept of PoINT Storage Manager provides functions like replication, migration and security to cover additional requirements and to adapt to customers workflow.

PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition is mainly focused on file based archiving of Windows NTFS based storage systems in a storage architecture consisting of two tiers (HSM). Automated but simple this solution allows customer to archive data to less expensive or more
suitable secondary storage devices, which can be HD NAS systems, optical libraries and tape loaders . Support of specialized archiving devices and using the WORM functionality of PoINT Storage Manager – Archive Edition plays an important role to fulfill compliance.

A migration may be necessary if a storage system becomes obsolete or if e.g. expiring support contracts are not to be extended. The PoINT Storage Manager - Migration Edition is especially designed for a seamless file system migration even to replace primary storage without unnecessary interruption of business operation and workflow.

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